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THE BACKPAGE is a short horror/comedy that will be coming soon to festivals and limited engagement screenings in 2016.

The debut film from writer/director Brandon Lescure, THE BACKPAGE is both a throwback to classic 80's horror and witty romantic comedies. Filled to the with laughs, scares, and all practical special effects, THE BACKPAGE is a film you won't want to miss in 2016.


Lovable loser Paul has been down on his luck with women ever since being dumped by his girlfriend Emily. Unfortunately for him, his luck won't improve as his best friend convinces him to buy a "sensual massage" from a newspaper ad.

Lilith helps men relax... but at what cost?


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Brendan Krick

Brendan Krick (Paul)

is a stand up comedian and actor from Lancaster, PA. He has opened for Owen Benjamin, Joe DeRosa, and Rich Vos. In 2015, he directed and starred in the short film SOULMATES, which won the Zoetropolis One Minute Film Festival. He also pens Confident Coward, the only lifestyle magazine aimed exclusively at cowards.
Joe Welkie

Joe Welkie (Shane Dongley)

is a comedian and actor in the New York City area. He has performed in numerous comedy festivals and comedy clubs across the country.
Annabel Leah

Annabel Leah (Lilith)

is delighted to be working on THE BACKPAGE. Recent credits include horror short, THE PHAGES from XIII Stories Media, and she's currently working as a PA for an upcoming VR film project. She has a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies with a concentration in production technology and Associate's in English and Cinema Arts. Born into a multicultural background, she is fluent in Croatian and has spent summer months abroad working at her uncle's sailing and windsurfing academy on the Dalmatian coast. An avid nature and animal lover, she enjoys outdoor recreation and photography and volunteers at a local raptor conservancy assisting with the rescue and habilitation of wild predatory birds. She is also mother to Snakey, a 7 ft long Red Tail Boa.
Emily Whitworth

Emily Whitworth (Casey)

is excited to be a part of such a kickass film. Her credits include Constellation Theatre, Synetic Theater, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Studio Theatre, The National Theatre, Musica Aperta, Capitol Fringe, Charm City Fringe, American University, Cabaret, and more. She is a Synetic Theater Company Member and attends American University.
Summer Austria

Summer Austria (Mean Bartender)

is a Baltimore actress who has worked on many local independent films and online comedy sketches. She enjoys science fiction and her cats.
Brandon Lescure

Brandon Lescure (Writer/Director/Producer)

is a writer, director, standup comedian, and actor based out of Baltimore. While THE BACKPAGE is his directorial debut, Brandon has performed standup in clubs and colleges across the country, was a founding member of the sketch comedy group Color Me Funny, and has been a stage and screen actor for nineteen years.
Everett Glovier

Everett Glovier (Director of Photography/Editor/Producer)

is a Baltimore-based film-maker whose award-winning short films THE AUCTIONEER and THE GREAT EXCHANGE have premiered around the country at the Taos Film festival, Sony Pictures Studios, and more. Everett runs a small production company in Baltimore, Maryland focusing on commercial and narrative projects.
Zach Trees

Zachary Trees (Sound Engineer/Mixing)

is a freelance location sound mixer and boom operator based in Baltimore, MD. Since graduating from Towson University with a B.S. in Electronic, Media, and Film in 2012, Zachary has contributed his talents to productions from Vice, ESPN's 30 for 30, Discovery Communications, Under Armor, Home Depot, T. Rowe Price, and the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra. His feature film credits include REVOLVING DOORS, THE CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU, LOVELY MOLLY, and THE HAUNTING OF PEARSON PLACE. Aside from his many production credits, Zachary is an accomplished musician and taught Production Sound for Film and Video at Towson University from 2014-2015.
Adam Dobelbower

Adam Dobelbower (Special Effects Coordinator)

is a special effects artist based out of Baltimore, MD. In just five years Adam has risen from being a self taught sculptor and mask maker to contributing effects to wide released films. Adam's work was most recently seen in THE EDITOR, but with a previous internship with Aftermath FX Studio his work was also featured in V/H/S/2, RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH, and WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

Richard Donahue (Makeup Effects Artist)

is a special makeup effects artists based in Baltimore, MD. His company Spookhouse FX has been featured in many films throughout the region. Aside from his effects work, Richard is also the writer/director of the upcoming film SAWIN.
Marc Nieto

Marc Nieto (Composer)

is a musician based out of Los Angeles, CA. While this is Marc's first foray into film composition, his music has been featured on The Kane Show and in commercial spots for JCPenney, and his band GOAT was recently an Official Spotify feature. Marc was also DOTS Idol champion in 2008 and an American Idol call-back contestant. Aside from being an accomplished musician, Marc has dual degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from University of Maryland, where he was also the UMDrumline captain from 2007-2009.
Cazz Cerkez

Cazz Cerkez (Composer)

is a musician/composer from Baltimore, MD. His work has been featured on films such as LOTUS EYES, GREY and LESSER OF TWO EVILS.
Paul Smith

Paul Smith (Producer/Designer)

is a professional website developer and graphic designer who has been working with clients in the mid-atlantic for 15 years completing various creative and interactive projects. He spends most of his spare time playing guitar and exploring the great outdoors.
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